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Research Scientists at GlycoBac

Dr. Donald Jarvis is seeking two motivated individuals to serve as Research Scientists at GlycoBac, LLC  (, a small biotechnology company created in 2011. GlycoBac’s primary mission is to refine and commercialize improved baculovirus-insect cell platforms for recombinant protein and biologics production. One major effort focuses on glycoengineered baculovirus vectors and insect cell lines originally developed in Dr. Jarvis’ academic labs at Texas A&M University and the University of Wyoming ( Refinement of these tools will yield new expression systems that can be used to manufacture recombinant glycoproteins with specific, pre-selected glycosylation profiles, including humanized profiles, that enhance their properties. Another major effort focuses on a current product already developed by GlycoBac, which is a virus-free insect cell line (Spodoptera frugiperda rhabdovirus negative; Sf-RVN). In a key partnership with MilliporeSigma, we are licensing Sf-RVN cells for use in biologics manufacturing. In addition, we are using Sf-RVN cells for Sf-rhabdovirus infectivity assays designed to detect contamination in insect cell lines use for and materials produced in insect cell-based manufacturing processes.

Minimal qualifications: M.S. and working experience in laboratory methods in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Virology, Glycobiology, Cell Biology, or a related field; primary publications in refereed English language journals; strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to learn quickly and work independently.

Preferred qualifications: Ph.D. and working experience in laboratory methods in molecular biology, virology, and/or glycobiology, recombinant DNA technology, baculovirus-insect cell systems, protein expression and purification, carbohydrate analysis, vaccine development, and/or therapeutic antibody development.

The successful candidates will contribute to GlycoBac’s efforts to use Sf-RVN cells to provide diagnostic services for Sf-rhabdoviral contamination, as well as efforts to refine our assay. In addition, they will contribute to another current project designed to use GlycoBac’s novel glycoengineered baculovirus vectors to evaluate the impact of N-glycan structure on recombinant subunit viral vaccine efficacy. The working environment and lifestyle in Laramie, WY, a small Rocky Mountain Western college town, are simply outstanding. The cost of living is low, the salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience, and compensation will include a generous benefits package. For more information or to apply for this position, please send a cover letter describing your scientific background, interests, and qualifications, plus a curriculum vitae to:, with a reference to GlycoBac RS0419 in the subject line. This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.
GlycoBac, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer