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13th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium

March 8, 2019
May 4-7, 2019
Cambridge, MA
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The Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine symposia were the first and main international multidisciplinary conferences set up to examine the relevance of glycobiology to immunology, medicine and clinical practice.

The symposia, since 2001, have been organized by the Royal Society of Medicine with the aim to widen clinical participation and to actively promote and foster greater interaction and collaboration between glycobiologists and clinicians.

This meeting, in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School Center for Glycoscience, aims to provide an international forum for scientists and clinicians to disseminate the findings of current leading edge research in both novel and classic fields of glycobiology, glycoimmunology and glycomedicine.

This symposium is aimed at scientists and clinicians at all levels and all disciplines involved in the research and management of human disease.