Omnibus Appropriation Bill (HR2029) results in increase in NIH funding

December 16, 2015
Today (Wednesday 16-Dec-2015) at 1:34 AM the House Appropriations Committee released the full text of the Omnibus Appropriation Bill (HR2029) that will fund the government for FY2016 (Oct 2015 - Sep 2016). REMARKABLY, when the the dust settled the FY2016 budget includes a 6.3% increase in NIH funding, adding $2B to the FY2015 funding level and bringing the FY2016 NIH budget to $32B. This portends better times for biomedical sciences right now and going forward. The LAST STEP is for our legislators (House and Senate) to pass this bill prior to leaving for their holiday break. When you receive your "e-alert" from FASEB, please click the links and send a message to your legislator. It takes less than 5 min and makes a difference. Once this bill passes, check whether your legislators supported it, and send them a quick "thank you" if they did.
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