New event added: Glycobiotechnology Symposium (GlycoBioTec 2017) in Berlin Germany

November 10, 2016
Glycobiotechnology Symposium (GlycoBioTec 2017)
Tuesday, February 7, 2017  -  Thursday, February 9, 2017 
All Day
The ultimate objective of this Glycobiotechnology Symposium is to bring together opinion leaders, pioneers, experts, professionals and newbees on this field in a concentrated and focused manner - undiluted by non-glyco-stuff.
At the GlycoBioTec 2017, current trends in modern biomedical/biopharmaceutical glycobiotechnology are presented. This symposium embodies an interactive forum for the discussion of cutting-edge research on the frontiers of glycobiotechnology, spanning fundamental theory to method & technology development relevant to biopharma, health, medicine and functional food.
For the success of such an event it is important to touch the common interests of the community, as well as to convince notable speakers and partners to contribute. Therefore, we can already present, Markus Aebi (ETH, Z├╝rich, Switzerland), Michael J. Betenbaugh (JHU, Baltimore, Maryland/US) and Nico Callewaert (VIB,Ghent, Belgium) as keynote speakers!
Furthermore, the GlycoBioTec 2017 centers on science and people by creating a confidential ambience that ensures a vigorous exchange between delegates, and the attractive conference format features:
• glycosylation & protein function,
• impact of expression system & cultivation conditions on glycosylation,
• synthetic & biosynthetic glycoengineering,
• glycoengineering via cell line design,
• technologies & methods for glycoanalysis,
• challenges in production.
Based on these topics from basic research to industrial application a broad coverage on state of the art analytics, expression systems, pharmaceutical process technologies and medical applications in glycobiotechnology is provided.
location: Berlin, Germany