New event added: FASEB Summer Research Conferences: Microbial Glycobiology

December 17, 2015
Date: June 12-17, 2016
Marriott West Palm Beach
1001 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL
The field of Glycobiology itself and the subset of Microbial Glycobiology are rapidly expanding due to their growing importance for health & economy. Many cutting edge technologies are identifying or characterizing new microbial glycosylation pathways, novel bioactive glycans, a plethora of carbohydrate-active proteins, and the complexity of interactions between host and microbial systems. The biotechnological applications of microbial glycans and  enzymes with the roles in virulence/vaccines also keep the field growing.  This "Microbial Glycobiology" conference will provide  focus on the diverse topics such as: host-pathogen interactions, the human microbiome, polysaccharide-based vaccines and therapeutics, industrial applications including biofilms and enzymes. The common element of glycosciences in this diverse group fuels the collaborative projects and the cross-fertilization of ideas that make this field exciting for many researchers in academia and industry. The organizers and chairs will invite persons to speak on a wide variety of subject matter (model systems, diseases, macromolecules, etc) and technologies (genetics, mass spectroscopy, X-ray, NMR, etc ).  Some short talks in various sessions will be selected from submitted abstracts. The poster sessions will provide opportunities to learn and network.  The close proximity to the sea offers venues to more informal events. 
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