New FASEB Journal and the Potential Opportunity to Serve as SFG Representative for the Editorial Board

March 20, 2018
Dear Society for Glycobiology Members,

Please see the email shown below, which is from Cody Mooneyhan, FASEB Director of Publications. It highlights the fact that FASEB is starting a new journal, FASEB BioAdvances, and the need to establish an Editorial Board for this new journal.

Mirroring the approach used for FASEB J., Cody is inviting each member society, including SFG, to appoint a representative to serve on FASEB BioAdvances editorial board.

The mechanism we normally use to identify candidates for FASEB committee positions is:

(1) The SFG Nominations Committee, currently chaired by Karen Colley, sends one or more nominee’s names to the sitting President (Kelley Moremen).
(2) The SFG sitting President selects their top nominee, which is subject to approval (or not) by the SFG Board of Directors.
(3) If approved by the BoD, the President submits their choice to FASEB.
(4) This nominee is subject to approval by the FASEB BoD or, in this case, more likely the FASEB BioAdvances Editor in Chief (Jasna Markovac).

Recent discussions about this position have led to the idea that SFG members should be given the opportunity to self-identify as potential nominees as the SFG representative on the FASEB BioAdvances editorial board. Please be aware you would still need to be considered by the nominations committee, who will decide which candidate(s) to send forward to President Moremen, who will choose the SFG nominee.

If you are a current SFG member who is interested in this position (and we hope you are both!), please email Karen Colley ( directly to let her know as soon as possible. We would like to move the SFG nominee forward to FASEB by the end of March.



Dear FASEB Member Society Executive Officers,
FASEB is pleased to announce the launch of its new transdisciplinary open access journal, FASEB BioAdvances, with Jasna Markovac, Ph.D., serving as the Founding Editor until a permanent Editor-in-Chief (EIC) is in place. The press release with more detail about the new journal and Dr. Markovac’s appointment is available here:
To ensure that the new journal reflects FASEB’s multidisciplinary membership, and in keeping with the practice established for The FASEB Journal, we are inviting each FASEB member society to appoint a representative to FASEB BioAdvances’ editorial board. We rely on member society representatives to provide opinions to the editors, review papers, suggest reviewers (as appropriate), and invite them to submit original content. The level of activity varies depending on the scientific area of submissions, but the editorial board will be expanded with at-large members, as needed, to keep workloads manageable.
We welcome the appointment of a representative from your organization to serve under Dr. Markovac and eventually, the new EIC. The term for the appointment is at the discretion of the society. We expect the journal to launch later this year, and to facilitate this important event, the new editorial board appointment will be effective immediately.
If you have any questions about FASEB BioAdvances or this request, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to your reply.
Sincerely yours,
Cody Mooneyhan
Director of Publications
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814
T: 301-634-7104, F: 240-407-4430, E: