NHLBI Training Fellowships for Physician-Scientists and Post-Doctoral Fellows

May 21, 2018
Trainees interested in Anti-cancer mechanisms through novel studies on the Glycobiology of Anti-Tumor Immunity?

UCSD K12 Program for Career Development in Glycoscience

NHLBI Training Fellowships for Physician-Scientists and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Trainees must be US citizens or permanent residents and must commit to 3 years of training and related activities in Glycoscience, while completing mentored research. Postdoctoral applicants may hold MD, MD/PhD, or PhD degrees.

Mark M. Fuster, MD     Associate Professor (Department of Medicine)

The laboratory of Dr. Fuster is focused on the following:

Research Projects:
(1) Examining roles of glycans in immune-cell trafficking and function in the lymphatic microenvironment with special focus on effects on cancer and inflammatory lung disease.
(2) Studies on lymphatic vascular growth and remodeling in the lung cancer microenvironment. Aims to translate findings to clinical oncology with mechanisms and novel therapies to augment anti-tumor immunity.
(3) Physics of the carcinoma plasma membrane, especially under EM field interactions with therapeutic focus. An additional interest includes mechanisms of thrombosis in cancer.
Glycotechnology Cores Utilized: Core B for composition analysis of human serum O-linked glycans by GC/MS from lung cancer versus non-cancer controls. Analyses are tied to a clinical project. Planned studies for glycosaminoglycan analyses of immunologic cells from lung carcinoma models in gene-targeted mice.

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