2nd Australasian Glycoscience Symposium

March 18, 2019

The 2nd Australasian Glycoscience Symposium (AGS) will be held on the 14th Sep and 16-17th Sep, 2019 in parallel with the 18th World Congress HUPO (15-19 Sep, 2019) in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and will span three full days of glycoscience including areas such as glycoanalytics/informatics, glycoimmunology, clinical and analytical glycobiology, glycochemistry/synthesis, host-pathogen glycobiology and plant glycoscience. Prominent plenary and keynote speakers have been confirmed including Prof Jim Paulson Scripps Research Institute, Prof Naoyuki Taniguchi Osaka University, Prof Mark von Itzstein Institute for Glycomics, Prof Nicolle H Packer Macquarie and Griffith University, Prof Lara K Mahal New York University, Prof Henrik Clausen Copenhagen Univ, Prof Tadashi Suzuki RIKEN, Prof Kay-Hooi Khoo Academia Sinica, and Prof Giuseppe Palmisano São Paulo University with more speakers to follow. Please see for registration and more information of the program and abstract submission for these meetings.