Meetings Program
2018 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (updated 2/27/2018)
Chair: Kelley Moremen, PhD

Day 1  Monday November 5, 2018
Satellite Symposium 1: Glycoprotein Technologies
Satellite Symposium 2: Trainee Mentoring Program
Satellite Symposium 3: GlycoBioinformatics
Conference Opening Remarks
Session I: Meyer and Kornfeld Awards Lectures
Welcome Reception
Day 2  Tuesday November 6, 2018
Session 2:  Glycan biosynthesis, transport and quality control
Session 3:  Structural basis for glycan biosynthesis
Coffee Break*
Poster Session I & Exhibits*
Session 4: Glycan synthesis and function in parasites, pathogens, and microbes
Session 5: Innovator Award Lecture
Day 3 Wednesday November 7, 2018
Session 6:  Glycoengineering and glyco synthetic tools
Coffee Break*
Session 7:  Developmental and model systems
Poster Session II & Exhibits*
Business Meeting
Session 8: MCP and Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award Lectures
Banquet (Ticket purchase required)*
Day 4  Thursday November 8, 2017
Session 9: Glycan Function and Disease I
Coffee Break*
Session 10: Plant glycan and cell wall biosynthesis
Session 11: Glycan Function and Disease I
Conference Closing Remarks