Meetings Program



Meeting theme: "Glycobiology research at the interface"

DAY 1: Saturday, Nov 2, 2019

08:00AM – 06:00PM     Registration
                                           Ballroom Foyer
09:00AM – 05:00PM   Satellite 1: Tools in Glycoscience (CLICK HERE FOR AGENDA)
                                           Session chairs: Richard Cummings (Harvard Medical School)
                                            and Robert Woods (CCRC)

                                           Maricopa Room
09:00AM – 01:00PM   Satellite 2: Glyco in Biotechnology (CLICK HERE FOR AGENDA)
                                           Session chair: Parastoo Azadi (University of Georgia, CCRC)
                                           Pima Room
12:00PM – 04:00PM          Board of Directors Meeting (by invitation only)
                                           Gila Room
05:30PM – 07:15PM   Meyer and Kornfeld Awards Lectures
                                           North Ballroom
5:30PM - 5:45PM          Conference Opening Remarks
5:45PM - 6:30PM          Karl Meyer Award Lecture #1
6:30PM - 7:15PM          Rosalind Kornfeld Award Lecture #2
07:30PM – 09:30PM   Welcome Reception & Exhibits
                                           Pueblo Ballroom

DAY 2: Sunday, Nov 3, 2019

07:30AM – 02:00PM         Registration
                                           Ballroom Foyer
07:30AM – 08:30AM         Continental Breakfast
08:30AM – 10:10AM  Session 1: Glycans and Evolution
                                           Session chair: Christopher West (University of Georgia, BCMB)
                                           North Ballroom
08:30AM – 08:55AM    Pascal Gagneux (UC San Diego)
08:55AM – 09:20AM    Marco Sardiello (Baylor College of Medicine)
09:20AM – 09:45AM    Jerry Eichler (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
09:45AM – 10:05AM         Poster Talks
09:40AM – 09:45AM    Rahil Taujale (University of Georgia) – Understanding the sequence-structure-function relationships                                           through a comprehensive evolutionary analysis of GT-A fold glycosyltransferases
09:45AM – 09:50AM    Alan John (University of Melbourne) – Deciphering the molecular functions of tryptophan C-mannosylation
09:50AM – 09:55AM    Ishita Chandel (Texas A&M University) – Functional players of Protein O-mannosyltransferases 1/2 –mediated regulation of sensory neuron connectivity in Drosophila
09:55AM – 10:00AM    Camilo Perez (University of Basel, Biozentrum) – Structure and mechanism of a pH sensing lipoteichoic-acid-anchor flippase
10:00AM – 10:05AM    Sudeshna Saha (University of California San Diego) – Exploring Evolutionary Origins of Human-Specific CD33/Siglec-3 Alleles that Protect against Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Prior Selection by Uniquely Human Pathogens?
10:05AM – 10:30AM         Coffee Break
10:30AM – 12:10PM   Session 2: Glycobiology of the Microbiome
                                           Session chair: Christine Szymanski (University of Georgia, MB)
                                           North Ballroom
10:30AM – 10:55AM    Andreas Peschel (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
10:55AM – 11:20AM    Thierry Hennet (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
11:20AM – 11:45AM    Katharina Ribbeck (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Poster Talks
11:45AM – 11:50AM    Atossa C. Ghorashi (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) – Characterizing the role of host                      fucose in cholera toxin action
11:50AM – 11:55AM    Anna Blenda and Nourine Kamili (USC School of Medicine Greenville and Emory     University School of Medicine) – Distinct antimicrobial properties of the N- and C- terminal domains of the human protein galectin-9
11:55AM – 12:00PM     Joanna Coker (University of California San Diego) – Bacterial community manipulation through glycan-lectin interactions
12:00PM – 12:05PM     Sun-Mi Choi (University of California San Diego) – Staphylococcus Aureus Exacerbates Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction in Chronic Rhinosinusitis
12:05PM – 12:10PM     Mathias Braun (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) – A conserved glycosyltransferase from the general protein O-glycosylation pathway of Bacteroidetes
12:10PM – 12:15PM     Sohyoung Lee (Cornell University) – Host adaptations of the Salmonella Typhi typhoid toxin and its orthologue from a nontyphoidal Salmonella
12:15PM – 01:30PM          Lunch on your own
12:15PM – 01:30PM          Glycobiology Editorial Board Meeting (by invitation only)
                                           Salons 7 & 8
01:30PM – 04:00PM   Poster Session I and Exhibits
                                           Pueblo Ballroom
04:00PM – 05:45PM   Session 3: Glycotechnology, a translational perspective
                                           Session chair: Parastoo Azadi (University of Georgia CCRC)
                                           North Ballroom
04:00PM – 04:25PM     Max Crispin (University of Southampton)
04:25PM – 04:50PM     Laurence Mulard (Institut Pasteur, France)
04:50PM – 05:15PM     Fredrik Zetterberg (Galecto Biotech, Denmark)
05:15PM – 05:45PM          Poster Talks
05:15PM – 05:20PM     Stacy A. Malaker (Stanford University) – Enzyme toolkit for selective enrichment and analysis of mucin-                domain glycoproteins
05:20PM – 05:25PM     Uriel Ortega-Rodriguez (University of Texas at El Paso) – Structural characterization of T. cruzi Epimastigote Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Mucin sialoglycans
05:25PM – 05:30PM     Sriram Neelamegham (State University of New York- Buffalo) – Tuning metabolic decoy efficacy by modifying the linkage between carbohydrate and aglycone
05:30PM – 05:35PM     Manuela Mally (LimmaTech Biologics AG, Switzerland) – CustomGlycan: A novel platform for production of therapeutics
05:35PM – 05:40PM     Jonathon E. Mohl (University of Texas El Paso) – Identification and design of transferase specific mucin-type O-glycosylation peptides using ISOGlyP’s selective peptide function
05:40PM – 05:45PM     Akshi Singla (Texas A&M University) – Glycolipid-based targeted drug delivery system against multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa
05:45PM – 06:45PM   Innovator Award Lecture
                                           Gerald Hart (Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, UGA)

DAY 3: Monday, Nov 4, 2019

08:00AM – 02:00PM         Registration
                                           Ballroom Foyer
07:30AM – 08:30AM         Continental Breakfast
08:30AM – 10:10AM         Session 4: Systems Biology approaches to Glycobiology
                                           Session chair: Thierry Hennet (University of Zurich)
                                           North Ballroom
08:30AM – 08:55AM    Morten Thaysen-Andersen (Macquarie University)
08:55AM – 09:20AM    Nathan E. Lewis (UC San Diego)
09:20AM – 09:45AM    Ryan Weiss (UC San Diego, Esko-Laboratory)
Poster Talks
09:45AM – 09:50AM    Ronghu Wu (Georgia Institute of Technology) – Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemical and Enzymatic                            Methods for Global Analysis of Protein Glycosylation in Complex Biological Samples
09:50AM – 09:55AM    Benjamin L. Schulz (The University of Queensland) – SWATH glycoproteomics to interrogate post-translational modification dynamics in yeast and sparkling wine
09:55AM – 10:00AM    Yusen Zhou (University at Buffalo, SUNY) – Integrating Mass Spectrometry and RNA-Seq data for Glycosylation Pathway Generation and Simulation
10:00AM – 10:05AM    Steve M. Fernandes (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) – Comparative sialoglycan microarray analyses of selected human and mouse Siglecs
10:05AM – 10:10AM    Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka University) – The GlyCosmos Portal as a part of the GlySpace Alliance: towards an international glyco-data science collaboration environment
10:10AM – 10:30AM         Coffee Break
10:30AM – 12:10PM         Session 5: Regulatory functions of glycans
              Session chair: Lance Wells (University of Georgia, BCMB)
              North Ballroom
10:30AM – 10:55AM          Jürgen Lassak (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany)
10:55AM – 11:20AM          John Allan Hanover (National Institutes of Health)
11:20AM – 11:45AM          Natasha E. Zachara (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
Poster Talks
11:45AM – 11:50AM    Xioayan Zhang (University of Michigan)
11:50AM – 11:55AM    Adam J. Kanack (Medical College of Wisconsin) – Platelet and myeloid cell phenotypes in a rat model                 of Fabry disease
11:55AM – 12:00PM     Brett E. Crawford (BioMarin Pharmaceutical) – Discovery of novel ceramide galactosyltransferase inhibitors and their therapeutic application to Krabbe disease
12:00PM – 12:05PM     Seung Yeop Han (Baylor College of Medicine) – A Conserved Role for N-Glycanase 1 in Regulating Energy Metabolism through AMPK signaling
12:05PM – 12:10PM     Angelica M. Gomes Ueltschy (Cleveland Clinic) – Glucose homeostasis is regulated by hyaluronan synthases 1 and 3
12:10PM – 01:30PM          Lunch on your own
01:30PM – 04:00PM   Poster Session II and Exhibits
                                           Pueblo Ballroom
04:00PM – 04:45PM   Society Business Meeting
                                           North Ballroom
04:45PM – 06:15PM   MCP and Significant Achievement Award
06:15PM – 07:00PM          Break
07:00PM – 11:00PM   Banquet

DAY 4: Tuesday Nov 5, 2019

08:00AM – 12:00PM         Registration
                                           Ballroom Foyer
07:30AM – 08:30AM         Continental Breakfast
08:30AM – 10:10AM  Session 6: Glycobiology of Mammalian development and Stem cells
                                           Session chair: Jeffrey D. Esko (UC San Diego)
                                           North Ballroom

08:30AM – 08:55AM    Jamey Marth (UC Santa Barbara)
08:55AM – 09:20AM    Pamela Stanley (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) An Inhibitor of N-glycan Maturation in Mouse                  Germ Cells
09:20AM – 09:45AM    Hans Wandall (University of Copenhagen)
Poster Talks
09:45AM – 09:50AM    Ilhan Akan (National Institute of Health) Oga mutants reveal epigenetic, transcriptional and metabolic                    factors effecting life span and body size in Drosophila
09:50AM – 09:55AM    Frank Leon (University of Nebraska Medical Center) Role of Immature CD44 O-glycosylation and its Activation of Targets Responsible for Stemness Properties of Pancreatic Cancer
09:55AM – 10:00AM    Vladislav Panin (Texas A&M University) Role of sialylation in the control of cardiac functions in Drosophila
10:00AM – 10:05AM    Yang Yang (Georgetown University) SULF2 overexpression affects survival and modulates sulfation of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck
10:05AM – 10:10AM    Yan Wang (Cleveland Clinic) Enhanced myofibroblast differentiation in Hyaluronan Synthase1/3 double knockout mice is independent of hyaluronan and mediated by a TGFβR/p38MAPK/MRTF pathway.
10:10AM – 10:30AM         Coffee Break
10:30AM – 11:50PM   Session 7: Glycobiology of the Immune System
                                           Session chair: Richard Cummings (Harvard Medical School)
                                           North Ballroom

10:30AM - 10:55AM     Jim Paulson (Scripps Research, La Jolla) Siglecs as checkpoints in immune cell responses
10:55AM - 11:20AM     Avery Posey (University of Pennsylvania) - Strength through diversity:
                             The evolution of plant cell wall glucan-active enzymes in GH16

Poster Talks
11:20AM – 11:25AM    Marija Pezer (Genos Glycoscience Research Laboratory) Immunoglobulin G glycosylation changes in                diseases and aging
11:25AM – 11:30AM    Damien Restagno (University California Santa Barbara) Glycoprotein Aging with Increased Mannose Exposure Linked to Cardiovascular Disease through the Macrophage Mannose Receptor (Mrc1)
11:30AM – 11:35AM    Shu Zhang (Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University) N-glycopeptide signatures of IgA2 in serum from patients with hepatitis B virus-related liver diseases
11:35AM – 11:40AM    Jiaxuan Chen (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) Resident and Elicited Macrophages Differ in Expression of their Glycomes and Lectins
11:40AM – 11:45AM    Vivianne I. Otto (ETH Zurich)  The particular glycomes of lymph node lymphatic endothelia and their role in localization and activation of Siglec-1+ subcapsular sinus macrophages
11:45AM – 11:50AM    Melissa M. Lee-Sundlov (Blood Research Institute, Versiti) Megakaryocyte O-glycan sialylation regulates platelet production through interferon-secreting plasmacytoid dendritic cells
11:50PM – 01:30PM          Lunch on your own
01:30PM – 03:10PM   Session 8: Glycobiology of Cancer
                                           Session chair: Pamela Stanley (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
                                           North Ballroom

01:30PM – 01:55PM     Robert Sackstein (Florida International University)
01:55PM – 02:20PM     Susan Bellis (UAB School of Medicine, Birmingham)
02:20PM – 02:45PM     Heinz Läubli (University of Basel, Dep of Biomedicine) Targeting the sialoglycan–Siglec axis augments                        antitumor immunity allowing effective PD-1 and CTLA-4 blockade
Poster Talks
02:45PM – 02:50PM     Yasuyuki Matsumoto (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center- Harvard Meidcal Center) Identification of Novel Glycoproteins with Defined anti-Tn IgG and IgM; Applications as Tumor Diagnostic Biomarkers
02:50PM – 02:55PM     Rachel A. Willand-Charnley (South Dakota State University) Modulation of Siglec Binding Via SIAE and CASD1-An Immune Evasion Pathway for Breast and Colon Cancers
02:55PM – 03:00PM     Su-Ryun Kim (Food and Drug Administration) The Role of Core 3 β3-N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase in Colorectal Cancer
03:00PM – 03:05PM     Kathrin Stavenhagen (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center- Harvard Medical Center) Endogenous Ligands Of The Mannose Receptor C-Type Lectin Domain In Cancer And Control Tissue
03:05PM – 03:10PM     Ryan N. Porell (University of California San Diego) Reprogramming the Tumor Microenvironment with Macrophage-Targeted Glycopolymers
03:10PM – 03:15PM          Closing Remarks