About SFG Committees

2017 Committees

Awards Committee

President-Elect (Chair), Immediate Past President, three immediate past Karl Meyer Awardees:
Kelley Moremen, President-Elect
Christine Szymanski, Past-President

Ronald Schnaar, 2014 Karl Meyer Awardee
Bob Haltiwanger, 2015 Karl Meyer Awardee
Anne Dell, 2016 Karl Meyer Awardee
Education Committee
Ad hoc membership
Linda Baum Mark Lehrman
Brian Cobb Robert Sackstein
Karen Colley Naoyuki Taniguchi
Jeff Esko Lance Wells
Gerald Hart Chris West
Nominations Committee
Immediate Past President (Chair), one Board-appointed member, two members elected by membership:
Christine Szymanski, Immediate Past President
Tom Gerken, appointed by Board of Directors for 2017
Jennifer Kohler, 2016-2017
Ron Schnaar, 2017-2018
Program Committee
Current President and members to be chosen by current President:
Karen Colley, Current President and her choices will comprise the 2017 Program Committee.
Publications Committee
Glycobiology EIC (Chair) and Associate Editors, President, three Board-appointed (5 yrs) members:
Chair:  Robert Haltiwanger (Editor-in-Chief)  
Markus Aebi, Associate Editor Pamela Stanley, Associate Editor for Reviews
Anthony Bacic, Associate Editor Richard Cummings (2012-17)
Jeffrey Esko, Associate Editor Michael Tiemeyer (2012-17)
Anne Imberty, Associate Editor Karen Colley (President; 2017)
Reiji Kannagi, Associate Editor Don Jarvis (2015-17)*
*Appointed to fill Jacques Baenziger’s term until new Committee member appointed.
FASEB Representation
SFG nominating committee selects nominees for Presidential consideration, SFG President appoints, subject to SFG Board approval, and appointments are subject to FASEB approval.
Board of Directors:  Gerald Hart (2017-2020).
Executive Officers Advisory Committee:  Karen Colley (2017).
Finance Committee:  Vacant.
Membership Committee:  Vacant.
Public Affairs Committee:  Hudson Freeze.
Publications and Communications Committee:  Don Jarvis (2017-2020).
Science Policy Committee:  Hudson Freeze.
Excellence in Science Awards Committee:  Mark Lehrman (2017-2020).
Public Affairs Committee:  Hudson Freeze.
Protection of Human Subjects Committee:  Vacant.
Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee:  Michael Tiemeyer (2017-2020).
FASEB Journal Editorial Board:  Gerardo Vasta (starting 2017).
FASEB President:  Hudson Freeze (2016-2017).